Please feel free to contact the organisers with any questions you may have about Plastid Preview 2018

This years organisers are all part of the photosynthesis team at the Lancaster Environment Centre, if you’d like to know more check out our website.

Elizabete Carmo-Silva

Elizabete is a Lecturer in Plant Sciences for Food Security. Her research aims to understand photosynthetic responses to the environment, with the goal of increasing crop yields. She is particularly fascinated by the regulation of Rubisco by its catalytic chaperone, Rubisco activase.

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Doug Orr

Doug is a Senior Research Associate in the Photosynthesis Group at Lancaster. His interest is in the activity, regulation and synthesis of the central carbon fixing enzyme Rubisco. He is working on Rubisco  regulation in cowpea, and the synthesis of cyanobacterial micro-compartments in tobacco.

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Mike Page

Mike is a senior research associate in the Photosynthesis Group at Lancaster.  He is using a synthetic biology approach to engineer the cyanobacterial carbon concentrating mechanism into rice chloroplasts, in order to enhance photosynthetic efficiency and increase yield.

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Rhiannon Page

Rhiannon is a research technician working in the Photosynthesis Group at Lancaster.  She is currently working on the RIPE project which aims to find ways to optimise Rubisco regulation in fluctuating light environments in cowpea.

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