The Team

  1. Centre for Child and Family Justice Research, Lancaster University:
    • Karen Broadhurst: Professor of Social Work and Socio-Legal Studies.
    • Judith Harwin: Professor of Socio-Legal Studies.
    • Sylvia Walby OBE: Distinguished Professor of Sociology and UNESCO Chair in Gender Research.
    • Claire Mason: Senior Research Associate.
    • Laura Robertson: Research Associate.
  2. Alliance for Useful Evidence:
    • Pippa Coutts: Manager at the Alliance for Useful Evidence.
    • Jonathan Breckon: Head of the Alliance for Useful Evidence.
  3. Institute of Child Health, University College London:
    • Ruth Gilbert: Professor of Clinical Epidemiology.
    • Jenny Woodman: Research Associate.
    • Matthew Jay: Research Associate.
  4. Research in Practice:
    • Susannah Bowyer: Research and development manager at Research in Practice
  5. Centre for Child and Family Research, Loughborough University:
    • Harriet Ward: Research Professor and founder of CCFR.
    • Lisa Holmes: Director of the CCFR.

Policy and practice partners

  1. Family Rights Group
    • Cathy Ashley: Chief Executive of FRG.
  2. CoramBAAF
    • John Simmonds: Director of Policy at CoramBAAF.

Scientific advisors

  • Julia Brophy: Senior researcher. She was for many years a Senior Research Fellow at Oxford Centre for Family law and Policy.
  • Judith Masson: Professor of Socio-Legal Studies, Law School, University of Bristol.
  • Rae Kaspiew: Senior Research Fellow at the Australian Institute for Family Studies.
  • Philip Fisher: Philip H. Knight Chair and Professor of Psychology, University of Oregon.