About Us

Comet is the newsletter/journal of the Norman Nicholson Society. It has been published since 2006, when the Norman Nicholson Society was founded, and initially appeared three times a year. From 2013 onwards the newsletter was published twice a year, but with greatly expanded content. Intermittently in the years before 2013 Issues 1 and 2 of each year had been combined into a single issue. The Article Index gives full details of each issue.

The range of articles and other writing which appears in the newsletter is very wide. In its function as a newsletter Comet publishes reports on Society and other events and projects, but it also accepts articles which examine Norman Nicholson’s life and/or writings and which present current research into the most important aspects of his work. In that function it has become more like a journal than a simple newsletter.

The editor is also pleased to receive creative writing inspired by Norman Nicholson’s themes, not only from adults, but also from children, as well as letters, memories of Nicholson and his wife Yvonne or of his wider friendship circle or network. Additionally, Comet publishes Member News and reviews of books written or edited by members, particularly those that can be linked to Nicholson’s own work.

It is a lively, varied and vital publication which has relevance not only to members of the Society but to undergraduate and postgraduate students, academics and a broad general audience, particularly to people who are interested in poetry, literary criticism, topographical writings and British 20th century literature.

Comet is published by the Norman Nicholson Society. Members and non-members alike are invited to contribute essays, reviews, and letters to the Editor who can be contacted via the Norman Nicholson Society website. Creative writing is invited from members of the Society only, or from schools or other institutions that work with the Society. Details of deadlines and guidelines as to word count and style can be obtained from the Editor. Please do look at recent issues of the newsletter for examples of the sort of writing that is published.

Comet is not a peer-reviewed journal, but a wide number of academics and postgraduate students have contributed essays and other writings. They have found that it provides a good platform for developing their ideas and a way of reaching a more general audience than is possible with academic journals.

The founding and current Editor is Antoinette Fawcett MA PhD.