My Experience of Coming to Lancaster through Adjustment

By Klaudia – BSc Management and MSc International Business and Strategy

My Lancaster experience started in 2017 and I only realised it would become real a month before coming here!

My name is Klaudia, I am originally from Poland and my decision to study in the UK was motivated not only by a huge desire to move abroad and become more independent but also my belief that after working towards an International Baccalaureate Diploma whilst being in Poland it would be a great opportunity for me to start a new adventure far from home.

But let’s start from the beginning…

The choice of the top 5 universities I wanted to apply for was definitely not easy. Not only had I never been to the UK before but also until the very late time I did not know what course I actually would like to study. My Higher Level subjects of the IB Programme were both Biology and Geography so I was considering something related to Science but at the same time, I had always wanted to study Business as this subject was not offered in my school.

First of all, I started by researching University Rankings as I wanted to go to a prestigious university as do probably the majority of prospective students. It gave me an idea of what institutions I wanted to consider and allowed me to limit my choices. I then looked at the rankings of the degree I was interested in which was Business and that is how I found out about Lancaster University Management School which is ranked among the Top 10 in the UK. After having a look at what the University offers and going through social media sites to find out what student life in Lancaster looks like I decided that it is the place where I can see myself soon. So that is how Lancaster got into my top 5 choices when applying through UCAS.

How come I ended up getting in thought Adjustment? I did not expect I would receive the grades that my chosen course required. This was the only reason why I did not put it either as my First or Insurance choice. I chose Newcastle University and had my flights booked already, only to find out on my results day that I got much higher results than expected and I actually got higher grades than were required from me to get accepted to Lancaster. And that is when I had to make a really difficult decision: Do I stay with my present choice, where I have everything already planned or do I choose the place where I really want to go but have got only 3 weeks to arrange everything?

I can tell even now that it was probably one of the most difficult decisions to make for me.

I started asking my closest family and friends for advice and as I can clearly remember, most of them were telling me to stay with my “safe” choice. But as I always like to challenge myself, they did not convince me enough. I created a “pros and cons list” for both my choices did some more research online about the student experience and reviews. I then decided to call the Adjustment hotline to ask any questions that were making me hold off from my decision. My biggest concern was definitely the accommodation aspect, as it was only 3 weeks before the start of term in Lancaster and I assumed all the places of on-campus accommodation will be already taken. But when I got to speak to a very helpful Ambassador on the phone, he told me it was not too late to apply for accommodation and there is still a chance for me to get a room although I would need to make my decision as soon as possible. Having heard that I already knew what my choice would be – I’m going to Lancaster!

I called them back to confirm my decision and after that, I was given details to apply for accommodation on campus just to find out shortly after that I got allocated my first preference type!

I believe that my story is perfect proof that anything is possible if we just truly want it. Don’t be afraid to pursue your dreams even though they seem impossible for you at the time.

Both Adjustment and Clearing give you another chance to find the best course for you. Choosing Lancaster University was definitely the right decision for me, and I have never regretted it since then. I liked it so much that I even stayed for my Masters!