Term Two – Jierong Zhu

I arrived at London Heathrow Airport on January 8th. I took only 1 hour and 50 minutes to take the train, go through immigration, pass security check and finish the flight connecting. That is unbelievable! However, I would never ever put myself into this kind of situation. I was anxious while waiting in a long queue, just like ants in a hot pan. When I run to the boarding gate, the plane was delayed 30 minutes. Haha, I was so lucky, wasn’t I? And my ‘good’ luck did not end up. When I got off the plane, I received an email which informed me that my checked-in baggage did not reach Manchester Airport with me. It would be delivered to me tomorrow. I had no idea to describe how my feeling was at that moment. I think I was a little bit happy since I need not to move my baggage of 20 kg from Manchester Airport to home. And it came with a few worry. I worried whether the baggage was missing or not and whether I can receive it tomorrow. Thanks God, finally I got it.

The new term begins. The total image of Week 11 is why the library is always full of people. I guess it must be the power of deadline. Since all the deadlines and tests in Week 10 are put off to Week 12, it must be super busy in Week 11 for most of us. There is no doubt that I did not finish my report and review the test during Christmas Holiday although I actually brought the computer to Los Angles. Before leaving Lancaster, I lost my USB which carried my half done report. On Sunday I just chanced my luck to ask the librarian whether my USB is lost in the library or not. Haha, I found it. I was so excited that the pressure of deadline could be reduced to some extent. I love the librarians! There were quite huge numbers of USB which lost in the library. One of them is Baymax. Pretty cute one.

It was a tough week for me. 4 extra lectures were rescheduled. On Saturday, I still need to come to University for lectures. There are 4 courses for this term, like last term. I quite enjoy the pronunciation of Ac.F 212 lecturer. His speaking speed for me is a little bit fast, but it can be accepted. Ac.F 213 lecturer has taught me in Year 1. It is a piece of cake to adapt his teaching style. However, for ECON 212, it is a little bit difficult for me to catch the lecture’s word. I need to take some time to become familiar with her accent. The lecturer of MSCI 224 explained the content in detailed, which helps me understand them easily.

The biggest news for this week is that it snows in Lancaster. However, it lasted only one day. I love snow crazily! I feel very peaceful when it snows. During the Christmas Holiday, I went to Big Bear and played the snowboard. It was amazing although I felt sore and ache all over the next day. Hope there will be a snow shower in Lancaster, like last year.