Lent Term – Jenni Hanford

Lent Term – Blog 1

So the end of last term was quite a bit different than normal, due to the flooding University ended a week early and I didn’t end up doing a final blog for the term! That being said I hope everyone had a lovely relaxing break and Happy New year to you all.


  1. The year of graduation. Scary. When midnight struck and 2016 started, it finally dawned on me that this really was my final year at Lancaster and, to be honest with you, I am gutted. I absolutely love it here in Lancaster; the place, the Uni, the people, everything has been amazing. I was very unsure about coming to University at all in sixth form but I decided to visit a few places and, I’m sure I’ve said this before, but as soon as I visited Lancaster I knew it was the place for me. Things can be tough at University, not just the work but living the independent life, doing many new things can be really challenging, but it’s worth it. I’m really proud of the person I’ve become and I can only thank Lancaster for the amazing time I’ve had, but it’s not quite over yet!


Lent term for me means three new modules to learn and get to grips with but also not to forget about last term either. It’s important to remember that in Summer Term you are examined, normally, on every module you’ve taken so it’s important not to neglect any. I have a timetable for this term, geeky I know, which ensures I’m still fitting time in to keep working on questions and sections from my Michaelmas Term modules. I think this is necessary as if you have any questions it’s much easier to speak to your lectures now than via email over the Easter break or in a rush during those last few weeks before exam season!


Lectures and seminars are vital to attend but just as important is your own self-study, especially at the start of a term.  There are always extra things to read and questions to try to improve your understanding and these are really important. They help to check that you truly understand the subject matter and can help you clarify exactly what you need to work on and the questions you need to ask. It’s really not helpful to leave all the reading and exercises till week 10, realise you don’t get it and then not have time to sit down with your lecturer and understand fully.


Notes are something that I find useful, but other people don’t. It’s really important to truly understand the type of learner that you are so you can maximise what you get out of your studying. There are loads of quizzes online that can help or just how you pick things up quickest can tell you how you learn best. It really doesn’t matter if someone has books full of notes and you have a few pages of mind maps- whatever works for you is the answer. You also need to really understand your subject material, it’s not just about memorising the lectures notes and then regurgitating then in an exam. It’s fine to really learn the facts, but if you can’t apply them to an exam answer you may find yourself in a panic during a test and that isn’t a good thing.


Later in the term I will begin to talk in detail about the dreaded word (exams) but for now I just wanted to mention that you shouldn’t forget about them. You will, most likely, have a number of exams in Summer Term and if you keep your focus weekly on truly learning something so you could write about it/calculate it in the exam, then you will set yourself in good stead when it comes to revision. Also, if you understand and work through it now, there will be a lot less worry on your mind when approaching revision and it’ll be a lot easier to go over those tough sections and really understand the key points before the final exam.


Now, a little bit about something else: Refresher’s fair is coming up in week 2 and I would suggest everyone should go! I’ve said it before and I’m saying it again now, everyone should join a society/do something fun/something they enjoy as it is a great break from work and, if you have something to look forward to on an evening, it becomes a lot easier to do work, knowing you will be up to something fun later on. There are plenty of different activities to do and there is something for everyone, so hopefully you’ll find a really great society and make some awesome friends at the same time – win win!


Well it’s great to be back, thanks again for reading my ramblings and I hope you have a wonderful week!! Hope the start of term has been great, Jen J