Jenni Hanford – week 8

It’s Week 8, the deadlines have crept up and those test dates are imminent. It’s amazing how fast these past few weeks have gone and my friends and I were discussing it felt like yesterday when we were moving back to Lancaster. It’s exciting too though because it’s nearly Christmas time and I love when everything looks festive and merry !


I know I have mentioned it before but I thought I would talk about the study areas I like in the library, especially as it’s been getting quite busy recently ! There are the study rooms on each floor, which you need to book online, but are really great for doing group study work. There’s different size rooms also depending on how many people there are, the facilities you need etc and they are quite soundproof so you can have interesting discussions.


My favourite place to study are the booths on B and C floor. They sit one or two people, depending on how busy the library is, but are really comfy and have plenty of desk space. Each desk also has its own light which is really great when doing some late night studying !!


The space around the tree on each floor is really lovely too, it feels very open and relaxed and I think it’s a great environment for doing work in. I really like that part of the new library, the feeling that it’s much more spacious and calmer.


The side of the library which is still being worked upon has some seats available on the upper floors. This is a good area if the rest of the library is full as lots of people forget it’s there, in all the excitement of all the new areas, and there’s several of desks and computers. Is also usually pretty quiet there which is great.


On B floor, towards the back of the library there are about 4 booths and seats there are like gold dust. I honestly think people just sleep in there overnight to secure their spot !! If you do manage to study in one they’re really great as they are self contained, so have sort of a surrounding wall, so you can study in private, and they’re super comfy. They sit about 4/5 people so it’s nice if you want to study with your friends and it’s really quiet in that area, so hopefully you won’t get too distracted/procrastinate (something I struggle with).


There are lots of computers in the library which is great and I really like the new printing system. You can print from any computer, send it to a printer, scan your library card at any of the printers in the library and then choose which documents you’d like to print from your log. This is so much better than searching through piles of paper because you were either too slow getting to the printer or someone has mistakenly taken your essay !


I feel like talking about my love for the library is a bit weird but it’s true and I find studying there a lot easier than in my room. I think it’s really important to try and study in different places to your room, whether that be in a cafe, learning zone, library etc. as it gives variety and it can be a bit deflating if you never leave your room as you sleep, eat and study there everyday! It’s very tempting not to leave I know, especially with the wonderful Lancaster weather, but fresh air always helps me clear my mind and focus.


Accounting and finance, in the modules I’ve done, often has little tests at the end of each term. These always worry me as I panic and start to stress I don’t know anything !! It’s really important to try and stay calm because, although they are marked tests and count towards your end grade, they’re also very helpful. Having week 8/9 tests helps me to focus in on the key points of the topics and really revise what I don’t know/understand. When it comes to final exams and revision this really helps as you already have concise notes to work from and it makes starting a lot easier, especially if you learnt the module in Michaelmas and it’s summer term !!


I hope you’ve enjoyed reading this week and that I’ve hopefully helped in your search for seats in the library,


Thanks Jen.