Plan Your Trip for School Break, Now!

During a long campus break, many of us have already planned something to do. Some of us planned to go home, while others decided to stay in Lancaster to do all assignments and prepare for exams. For international students, especially for those who have 15+ hour flights to go home, going back home might not be the first priority. Thinking about how exhausting a long flight would be, jet lag and so on and so forth is just…. (SIGH) But do not worry, you are not alone because now we are in the UK and there are so many things to do around here! 🙂

For an international student like me whom spent 24 years of my life in my country, Indonesia, going abroad to study is a very exciting experience since I get to see many new places that I have never visited before. Thanks to the education system in UK which gives opportunity for us to have a break between the terms, we can use this opportunity to explore the world! From my country, Indonesia, to travel from there to let’s say… Amsterdam, I need at least 700-1000 pounds just for the airplane ticket. But here from UK, I only need to pay merely 40 pounds for a return tickets 😀 As I will only spend 1 year for my Master degree here in UK, I will definitely make the most of my time by travelling around!

During my winter break, I spent half of it to travel around UK and Europe. I went to some cities in UK such as London, Liverpool, Oxford and Manchester. After that I traveled to 6 countries in Europe (Switzerland, Liechtenstein, Austria, Slovakia, Hungary and The Netherlands). And it’s been exciting! If any of you are planning to take some trip during Easter break, maybe you can check out some tips and tricks from my previous trips 🙂


For those of you who plan to travel during Easter break and still have no idea how to start, you may check some tips and tricks here:

Plan Your Trip Early

If you’re going to go on Easter break, plan it now! Think about the countries that you want to visit, budget that you have, places that you want to see, etc. By planning early, there’s a high possibility to get cheaper ticket. Once, I got a one-way flight ticket to Eindhoven as cheap as 11 pounds! You will also have the opportunity to get cheaper accommodation, more time to plan when to apply for visa (if you need one) and more time to save money 😉 Also make sure that you’re visiting countries by order of which country is the closest to another, this will help you to save cost because closer distance means cheaper ticket 🙂

Book Your Ticket, Now!

Before you book your ticket, make sure that you have checked all assignments and exams deadline so you won’t miss anything. As student with limited budget, I always try to find as cheap ticket as possible. I tend to check to website like or to compare airplane tickets price. Don’t hesitate for too long because if you check the tickets several times without buying it, then the price will definitely increase! (that’s how it works). If you’re going on more than 1 country, don’t forget to book your bus/train ticket as well to get even cheaper price.

Hmmmm… How About Staying in Hostel?

If we are going on holiday with family, it is most likely that we will stay in the hotel. But what if you’re going all by yourself or just with your friend? Hostel might be a good deal for you! For me, staying in the hostel means 2 things: I get to know new people and I can save more budget. Most of the people staying in hostel are young people, so they are open-minded and fun to talk to. When I was in Budapest, I stayed in a nice hostel for only 6 pounds/night, got to know new friends from another country and even went to some places with them. But don’t forget to always be safe and make sure that you place your valuable belongings in the safe place.

Make Your Itinerary

When you are settled with your tickets and accommodation, it is time for you to make a detailed itinerary about places that you’re going to visit each day, how long you’re going to stay there, etc. For me personally, I don’t always make this kind of plan and simply just browse on internet “What to do in xxx” or “Best view in xxx”. This is all up to you! If you’re more a person with high attention-to-details, making a detailed itinerary might be a safe bet! 🙂

Enjoy Your Trip!

When the day of your trip comes, don’t forget to enjoy it! Take many pictures but make sure you enjoy the moment and learn something.

Traveling for me is one way to refresh my mind and open my eyes of another culture. From traveling, I get to see many places, taste new foods that I have never tried before, meet many new people, listen and learn new languages and many more! I believe that traveling will bring us nothing but fruitful experience and of course after that we will be ready to do all the assignments and prepare for exams! 😀 So now, plan your trip!