About My Degree: E-Business and Innovation by Despina Doulkaridou

Choosing a masters degree is not a piece of cake. When you have a broad background from your bachelor’s degree, business administration in my case, the variety of options available might make you feel lost in the process. However, I have always considered digital technologies as a key feature in today’s world and the way many businesses manage to innovate by using them keeps fascinating me. I was lucky enough to have friends who have recently graduated from LUMS – and who I will soon be proud to join in the LUMS alumni community. They encouraged me to take a look at the programs offered as they had heard of E-Business and Innovation (EBIN) and the options it offered. After attending a Lancaster alumni event in Athens, Greece, back in March 2017, Lancaster felt like the place to be.

What I particularly enjoyed about EBIN is the blend between theory and practice. While we were taught about management and innovation in theory, we also had classes on programming and assignments that were more “digital”, such as an online blog instead of a traditional essay. Furthermore, I noticed a change in myself; while I initially wanted to pursue a corporate career, the constant discussion and research around entrepreneurship got me thinking about becoming an entrepreneur myself at some point, something I had never considered before. And this was the case for quite a few of my colleagues in the program; many of us changed our minds after being exposed to more ideas and experiences from both academics and entrepreneurs, something that I am sure EBIN is proud of.

Looking back at my experience in LUMS, I am impressed from how many experiences can fit in this one-year course. Back in the very beginning, I enjoyed the team building events we had, as we got to know each other better while we were still stress free –the deadlines had not kicked in yet. Being a postgraduate student did not prevent me from joining social activities and societies either; every now and then I participated in the wine society events, where I met wine lovers from different programs and I also joined almost all the trips organised by the Graduate College on weekends. This helped me get to know the UK better by visiting places that might be hard to do so individually. Being part of this vibrant community while studying at a top-10 UK university – could I ask for more?

Having almost finished my degree in LUMS, I can reflect on the academic year I spent in LUMS and how fast-paced it was. Despite the fact that it seems that it went by quickly, I can talk for days on end about the different amazing experiences that I now have. LUMS helped me grow, come closer to various cultures and, most importantly, provided me with continuous support and inspiration. Had I the chance to go back in time, I would definitely do it all again from scratch.