About my degree: BSc Hons Marketing and Design – Matt Stedman

Just before my first-ever marketing lecture at Lancaster, my apprehension and nescience of what to expect were at an all-time high. I had chosen Marketing and Design since it interested me upon my visit during the university’s open day, but my research on the subject had not gone too much further than that initial encounter. Since then, the experiences of the last two years, following that very first lecture, have gone far beyond my expectations. I have built strong connections with my colleagues, tackled exciting challenges and received fantastic advice on how to achieve a fulfilling future career. As a soon-to-be third-year student about to embark on the last leg of their Lancastrian marketing journey, I wanted to briefly share my experience. The purpose of this blog post is to discuss what has stood out for me and why I have enjoyed the course as much as I have.

One aspect that really stood out for me on this course was the level of variety in the modules. First year covered the basics with many different topics under one module title. I think having no pressure to be super-focused from the outset was a key influence in cultivating my enjoyment. It meant I could reflect upon the modules studied, selecting ones that were particularly interesting to me for later on in the degree. You can even choose a minor subject separate from your main degree.  For second year, the modules were more refined and specialised yet there was still that strong emphasis on variety. I have studied topics from the surprisingly philosophical consumer behavior to more data-driven and numerically based marketing research. Overall, the diverse array of modules has managed to keep the course fresh and interesting whilst also providing me with a range of skills to improve my employability for undergraduate jobs.

I was also pleasantly surprised at how quickly connections are made with others doing the course. Starting life at a new university with a course I had never done before was certainly daunting. However, I found it easy to settle down because of the friendliness of staff and students alike. Everyone has their own unique story to tell; where they come from, the combination of subjects they’ve picked, why they chose Lancaster and so on. It makes lectures and workshops enjoyable environments to learn when there’s a high level of engagement from all involved.

Lastly, I found that the opportunities available at the university are vast and there is a constant encouragement to pursue your interests. They acknowledge the importance of academic study, of course, but they also want their students to join that sports team or society that celebrates their cultural heritage. There is a real emphasis on enjoyment and fulfillment. Plus, even if you are not finding this to be the case, there is always someone to help support you to reach your potential.

Overall, the marketing and design course has been a blast for me so far. I couldn’t recommend it highly enough and I hope that my, albeit brief, review has at the very least sparked some interest!