Christmas is a time for caring

We are in the last week now. Week 10, this term has flown by, this time last year we were all being evacuated due to the floods. I’m really glad that didn’t happen this year it was a scary experience. Lancaster set up a Christmas market last week and there was a Santa’s grotto. I hope you all had chance to check it out or see some pictures of it. It truly was spectacular, there were real life reindeer!

As it’s coming close to Christmas spare a thought for others who don’t celebrate Christmas or look out for your friends who might not be going home this holiday. As it’s getting to the end of term many people may start to feel more homesick and just having a friend there for them will brighten their term. As that’s what Lancaster is about, helping each other, we are all one big family. My flat mate isn’t going home for Christmas so we decorated the house with Christmas lights and decorations that we all put towards to make it feel more Christmassy for him. We have also done a secret santa, we did this last year and it’s a really nice way to show that you are thinking about each other at this time.

I also had a Christmas meal last Friday which was lovely, just spending time with my flat mates was really nice and uplifting. I know there are still exams and still coursework’s due but just remember to try and spend some time with others as there is a danger of burning yourself out revising alone in the library or sat in your room. You could always revise with friends, book a study pod and study together.

Power through!! We are nearly finished!! We all need a well-deserved break so let’s push ourselves over these last through hurdles. I handed in my ACF 211 Information systems and Auditing coursework this morning, we had to look at a case study and write a report covering the issues with internal controls and the process of stock purchasing for a convenience store. I am really enjoying my auditing lectures and tutorials, actually looking at the case studies and thinking about possible points really adds to the subject due to this interactive way of working. I have noticed that many people are almost ‘scared’ to answer questions in my tutorials but I have tried to answer at least one every tutorial. Even though I am naturally quite shy, I still try to answer questions as it means you really get the most of tutorials. It also helps your understanding so do try to answer questions, it’s the best way to check your understanding rather than the tutor just telling you the answer. It also gets rid of the awkward silence of the tutor staring at everyone for 5 minutes waiting for an answer.

Good luck for those who still have coursework or exams due in the next week and enjoy your Christmas holiday! A good tip is to go over/read your notes over the holiday when you have a free moment just to keep your memory intact for the summer exams. It will make it easier for next term as the content may crop in other modules so you will be expected to know this.

Merry Christmas Everyone!