Getting started with the module

To get started, click on Module at the top of the page, browse through the contents. We suggest that you start from the beginning and work your way through the different stages, and then go back through the stages when the need arises.

You’ll probably find that you go through the materials once, and go back again – in almost a cyclical way where you revisit different stages and steps within specific stages.


Within business and management, many companies will make regular use of different forms of research. It is commonly used in strategy, marketing, human resource management, sales, research, design and development, customer services and account management, as well as healthcare management, educational institutions, third-sector organisations, and throughout government.

This Research Methods module provides students with the skills to conduct business research in both their academic and future careers. The module has been created primarily for students undertaking the Executive MBA Programme at Lancaster University Management School, but is also used widely across other programmes. We have, therefore, placed a particular emphasis on the the link between research and it’s use in management practice.

Creators & Credits

This module has been created at Lancaster University Management School by Professor Florian Bauer, (Department of Entrepreneurship And Strategy), Senior Teaching Associate and Digital Education Facilitator Dustin Hosseini and Digital Education Co-ordinator Rachel Dodd from the LUMS Digital Education Unit, and Digital Media Engineer Martin Thornton from Information Systems Services (ISS).

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