Living Data is a research project in the field of social studies of technology focusing on health, biology, digital media and devices. This blog is intended for discussion relating to our research into practices of health biosensing.
The group includes Professor Celia Roberts, Professor Adrian Mackenzie, Professor Maggie Mort, Dr Joann Wilkinson and Dr Mette Kragh-Furbo.


Our new book – out now!
Celia Roberts, Adrian Mackenzie and Maggie Mort with Mette Kragh-Furbo, Joann Wilkinson and Theresa Atkinson (2019) Living Data: Making Sense of Health Biosensing. Bristol University Press.

As individuals increasingly seek ways of accessing, understanding and sharing data about their own bodies, this book offers a critique of the popular claim that ‘more information’ equates to ‘better health’. In a study that redefines the public, academic and policy related debates around health, bodies, information and data, the authors consider the ways in which the phenomenon of self-diagnosis has created alternative worlds of knowledge and practises which are often at odds with professional medical advice. With a focus on data that concerns significant life changes, this book explores the potential challenges related to people’s changing relationships with traditional health systems as access to, and control over data shifts.