Lancaster Literacy Research Centre

The Literacy Research Centre at Lancaster University works to better understand the role of literacy in all areas of social life. Our aims are to:

  1. Conduct leading research on literacy in education, workplace contexts, and within the lived experience of adults and children
  2. Stimulate communication and collaboration between researchers, educational practitioners, and policy makers who have a keen interest in literacy and language education
  3. Engage in conversations which influence the study of literacy in multilingual contexts, digital environments, and spanning different geographical areas.

The Literacy Research Centre was set up in May 2002, with significant funding from the then Department for Education and Science and the ESF as part of a national research and development centre. It built upon on work at Lancaster by David Barton, Mary Hamilton and Roz Ivanič going back to the mid 1980s and is well known for its contributions to a distinctive ‘social practice’ approach to literacy which has been articulated through highly-cited books and articles over the past 25 years.

Visit the Literacies Log and read about a range of the topics we are interested in. We welcome your comments.

To find out more about our individual areas of research follow the Members link.


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