Welcome to the internship and placements site for Linguistics & English Language.

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Our two major internship schemes are SPRINT and TRINITY and current 2nd and 3rd year students apply for these opportunities each year. They are fantastic opportunities to work on research projects as paid interns for academic staff in the department, and as a result, some brilliant language research takes place!

This year, in 2022, we have interns working on the following projects:

  • Sociophonetics in historic north Lancashire
  • Visualization of linguistic data and materials development
  • Gender and animated film
  • Adjectival Intensification in English (and/or another West Germanic Language)
  • What makes language(s) easier or harder to learn? Experimental approaches to language learning and cognition
  • The Discourses of mental health on Twitter During the COVID Pandemic
Three of the interns have just started their internships, while the other interns will commence their internships in the summer term. We’ll catch up with them later in the year to find out how they got on!