Closing date is Wednesday 25th November 2020 at midnight.

LAEL offers two research internship programmes to Part II students. You can apply for a maximum of two different research internship projects (i.e. two SPRINT projects, or two TRINITY projects, or one SPRINT and one TRINITY).


The Summer Project Research Internships involve you working with a member of staff on a research project for four weeks in either June or July 2021. Please note, that we are offering internships that are possible to be carried out remotely, should the circumstances require it.

  • SPRINT students will be paid £1,925.74 for their work.
  • There are at least two SPRINT projects available to students who will finish their second year in summer 2021.
  • Students must be majoring in Linguistics and/or English Language.
  • These are the 7 SPRINT projects to choose from.


The Term-time Internships involves you working one day per week with a member of staff on a research project in Term 2 2021.

  • TRINITY students will be paid £1055.20 for their work.
  • There are at least two TRINITY projects available to second or third year students who have not previously completed a LAEL research internship.
  • Students must be majoring in Linguistics and/or English Language
  • These are the 5 TRINITY projects to choose from.

At least one internship will be reserved for a student from a Widening Participation background. You must meet one of these criteria to be considered for the Widening Participation funding.


All applications must be emailed to George Brown ( by midnight on Wednesday 25th November 2020.

Here is the application form.

Note that you may not yet have your marks back for your Term One work. It is sensible to wait until you have as much information as you can before submitting your form, but of course, don’t leave it till after the deadline!

You will hear about the outcome of your application before Christmas 2020.


Have a look at what Grace Edge has to say about her internship on the Centre for Corpus Approaches to Social Science blog! Or check out Jess Renyard’s experiences or read about El Walker’s experiences here:

“For 4 weeks over June/July of 2018 I undertook a paid internship within the Linguistics department, with Adrian Leemann, Sam Kirkham, Claire Nance, and Georgina Brown. The aim of the internship was to phonetically analyse a large amount of data gathered by the English Dialects app, created by Adrian Leemann, Marie-Jose Kolly and David Britain. The main task was vowel alignment of recorded speakers on the app using Praat, but I also trained interns from other Universities on how to use the software and carry out the analysis to the standard required by Adrian and George. 

The research paper in which this data contributes to is titled “Crowdsourcing variation and change of FOOT / STRUT and TRAP / BATH  across England” and during the internship Adrian allowed me to draft an introduction for this paper and in doing so – be added as a co-author onto the paper. As an undergraduate this was an incredible opportunity, and as an extra bonus, this paper has now been accepted into the International Conference on Language Variation in Europe 2019. 

Overall, I would definitely recommend this research internship to other students as it allows you to gain valuable experience within the field you are studying, but also allows you to gather skills which you can apply to prospective job applications or postgraduate study.”