Research questions and methods

Drawing on the perspectives of staff at six universities, we are addressing the following research questions:

  1. In what ways are lad cultures manifest in different higher education contexts?
  2. Are these manifestations problematic and, if so, how?
  3. Are universities working to tackle lad cultures and, if so, how?
  4. Does more need to be done to tackle lad cultures in H.E and, if so, what?

To explore these questions we are using a combination of face-to-face individual interviews and focus groups with staff whose roles involve substantial contact with, and responsibility for, students. For example, Pro-Vice Chancellors for Students, Provosts/Deans of School/Colleges/Teaching, College Tutors/Resident Advisors, Heads of Student-Based Services/Welfare, Student Union (SU) Sabbatical Officers. We are undertaking ten individual interviews in each HEI, and three focus group interviews: 60 individual and 18 focus group interviews in total.