International Law Association British Branch Spring Conference

Non-State Actors and Changing Relations in International Law

Lancaster University, 8-9 April 2016

Ashton Memorial, LancasterNon-state actors lie at the heart of many developing trends in international law: in business, human rights, the environment, and international humanitarian and criminal law: and drive its agendas. Equally though, they are also defined by exclusion: by not being the principal subject of international law, the sovereign state. Correspondingly, non-state actors are a wide and diverse group, defined in essence not by their varied contributions but by a lack of sovereignty. This two day conference will first explore the implications of non-state actors for the structure of international law: its sources, boundaries, functions and obligations, and in dispute settlement and responsibility. Second, it will investigate the role of prominent non-state actors: corporations, international organisations, organised armed groups and terrorist networks. These will be considered in ten panels with thirty speakers.

Opening Speaker: Professor Cedric Ryngaert (University of Utrecht)

Panel on “Non-State Actors and the Future of International Law” at Lancaster Castle:  Professor Andrea Bianchi (Graduate Institute Geneva); Penelope Nevill (20 Essex Street Chambers); Dr Marco Odello (University of Aberystwyth)

After-Dinner Speaker: Sir Michael Wood (International Law Commission/20 Essex Street Chambers)

Closing Speaker: Sir Nigel Rodley (Human Rights Committee)

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