About Us

What we do

We are a team of Analyst Developers working at Lancaster University. Through funding from the European Regional Development Fund we are currently working with leaders of small business, charities, and social enterprise based in Lancashire who are challenging the status quo in health.

Over the last year, we have worked with a range of organisations from traditional health organisations, to businesses completely new to the health sector. This blog has been set up to share some of our digital expertise with businesses. Any tips or technical advice that you read in these posts are based on our own experiences and unbiased opinion. Some of our articles provide some analysis of the latest buzzwords and new technologies. And others focus on questions we are asked a lot by the businesses we work with.

As a team our focus is on working with businesses at the early stage of product development. We don’t offer the full services that you would get with a product development team. Instead, we support businesses to:

  • Soundboard and shape ideas
  • Research different technologies to meet your needs
  • Conduct usability testing
  • Create early-stage digital prototypes

Thanks for reading!