Dr Siobhan Weare1448

Siobhan is a Lecturer in Law at Lancaster University Law School. Her research interests focus around women who commit serious and violent offences, including homicide and sexual violence, and the experiences of men as victims of sexual violence. She is a trustee of The Birchall Trust, a registered charity providing a free confidential counselling service for males and females, children, young people and adult survivors of recent or historic rape and sexual abuse in South Cumbria and North Lancashire. She was also an invited member of the Standards Steering Group and supported in the the development of national ‘Male Survivor Service Standards’.  More information about Siobhan’s research can be found here.

In 2016/17 Siobhan undertook the first study in the UK looking at forced-to-penetrate cases and the experiences of men. Over 150 men participated in the online survey, providing information on their experiences of this form of sexual violence. Findings from this study can be found in the project report: Forced to Penetrate Cases: Lived Experiences of Men Project Report – Baseline Research Findings

Dr Joanne Hulley

Joanne is the Research Assistant on this research project. She has extensive experience of conducting interviews with participants on difficult and sensitive subjects.