Workshop 1. Participants

gmGiuliana Mandich is a full professor of Sociology at the University of Cagliari (Italy). She has completed her postgraduate studies at EHESS (Paris), Essex (UK) and she has been Fulbright visiting scholar at Harvard (USA). She is the coordinator of the research network EVERYDAY LIFE of the Italian Sociological Association ( for the next three years.
She is currently working on youth narratives of the future within Appadurai’s concept of capacity to aspire frame. In her research she has engaged with everyday futures from a theoretical point of view, developing the idea that the fabric of the future is culturally produced in everyday life within different pragmatic regimes (Thévenot). She is interested in discussing with the other members in the network how different figures of action in everyday life imply different forms of anticipation.

EMEnrico Marcore is a PhD candidate for the Anthropology Department in the University of Aberdeen, U.K. He is a graduate of the University of Rome “La Sapienza”, and he obtained a Masters Degree in the “Autonoma” University of Barcelona. He has also worked as consultant for Applied Anthropology.
Enrico is currently fellow in the E.R.C. funded project “Knowing from the Inside” based in Aberdeen. The project aims to investigate fruitful relations among disciplines including “Anthropology, Art, Architecture and Design”. His own subproject considers the common field that Anthropology and Architecture could possibly share as disciplines and practices. His present thesis is focused on the production of everyday futures during the reconstruction period, after the earthquake that hit L’Aquila (Central Italy) in 2009. In the “E.F. Network” he wants to find new collaborative ways to further explore the production of sustainability through daily building and dwelling experiences.

MaureenMaureen Meadows is Senior Lecturer in Management, Open University Business School. From September 2016 Maureen will be Professor of Strategic Management at Coventry University. Maureen will be in a research role in the Centre for Business in Society. The Centre’s research focuses on organisational practices and the management of corporate responsibilities.
Maureen’s research focuses on the use of strategy tools, such as visioning and scenario planning. She has explored the relationship between scenario planning (typically externally focussed) and visioning (typically more internally focussed), and proposed enhancements to existing visioning methodologies. She has explored the practice of visioning in different sectors including financial services and utilities. Maureen has researched the development of a participative visioning methodology, Visioning Choices; explored the role of cognitive style of participants in strategy development exercises; and studied the need to “orient” participants in scenario planning exercises in scenarios that they may not have been involved in developing.