New piece by Amanda Cahill-Ripley, ‘Economic and social rights must be addressed to stop violent conflict and sustain peace’, The Conversation,  


NEW! Amanda Cahill-Ripley and Karol Balfe brief the UN Committee on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights – See News page


NEW! Report on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights and Sustaining Peace: An Introduction – Out Now!

About the Project

This  knowledge exchange project aims to enhance knowledge and understanding of the role of economic and social rights (ESRs) in sustaining peace. The idea is to exchange knowledge and share practices and experiences of the use of such rights within the peacebuilding and human rights communities and across disciplines to influence policy at international and national level and to develop innovative practice. In particular we aim to:

  • Assist in networking traditional and non-traditional actors in peacebuilding (for example those involved in economic, social and cultural Rights, transitional justice, conflict prevention,  conflict resolution and post-conflict reconstruction, gender and security and development actors)
  •  Advance innovative practice and thinking on peacebuilding and ESRs
  • Support and strengthen the relationship between academia, human rights actors and peacebuilding actors including the UN Peace and Security Institutions, UN OHCHR, and relevant UN agencies and NGOs.
  • Expand space for dialogue across different institutions and sectors about realising rights, resolving conflict and sustaining peace.
  • Develop an enhanced and broader understanding amongst practitioners and academics of promising practices in the peacebuilding and economic, social and cultural rights fields.



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