Tiny Enigma – the solution

As a warm-up to our ESRC Festival of Social Science mini-series on Enigma, I posed a small series of cryptological challenges – a Tiny Enigma. Within the challenge is a sprinkling of clues, and in this post, I present the solutions to each stage, as well as a little insight into what the various clues meant.

This post is a walk-through of the solution to the Tiny Enigma challenge posted on the en clair Twitter account from the 08th of October 2019 onwards. If you’re coming to this some time in October 2019 and you’re still trying to solve the puzzle, this contains ALL THE SPOILERS. If you’re coming to this weeks or months after November 2019, the original content has probably been removed so many links won’t work any more. To keep the integrity, where possible I’ve copied, pasted, and included original images and whatnot. Continue reading