Cumbria Innovations Platform – CUSP II: Coaching for Innovation: Day 3. Coaching for Resilience


Friday 15th July 2022 | 9:15am – 12:30pm 

The session will take place online. You’ll receive a joining link once you have booked your place.

This event is part of our Innovation Coaching & Culture series. This is a structured and supported innovation programme, designed as a series of online sessions for leaders of small businesses, who are actively seeking to innovate and recognise the value in testing ideas as a group.  

About this event 

Being innovative takes resilience. We are not always going to succeed. We’ll explore how you approach failure or setbacks and use a coaching approach to stay resilient and encourage failure as a learning opportunity? We will explain the value of intelligent failure and psychological safety in organisations, as well as what we can learn from failure and how we can use this learning to encourage and enhance innovation.  

The skills and relationships you build on this course will also support you through your own innovation journey. 

Who is it for?

This session is for Cumbria based business owners, managers and anyone responsible for managing people. Eligibility restrictions apply (SME based in Cumbria with less than 250 FTE employees, turnover less than 50m euros, balance sheet total less than 43m euros)

Topics covered:

  • Intelligent failure, 
  • Giving and receiving feedback
  • Psychological safety in organisations
  • The value of experiential learning

Session takeaway:

Feedback models and communication styles, experiential learning framework, understanding intelligent failure.

• Informative and interactive

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