Workshop Programme

Third International Cultural Political Economy Conference

Research Workshop

 Taking Issues In/With Cultural Political Economy

 6 September 2017 at Lancaster University, UK

 Coordinators: Bob Jessop and Ngai-Ling Sum (Lancaster)



Cultural Political Economy (CPE) is an emerging approach with post-disciplinary horizons. It is gaining substantial attention in the study and development of political economy. It takes ‘‘cultural turns” seriously in the study of political economy in order to enhance its interpretive and explanatory power. The aims of the workshop are:

  • To bring together PhD students, post-docs and other researchers already working or seeking to develop CPE in their own research;
  • To provide a platform of peer support for PhD students and those engaged in CPE research to get feedback from their peers and others on their work
  • To offer an opportunity to discuss your work in a supportive environment
  • To stimulate current and future work and research in CPE.

Workshop Format:

The event will begin in the morning with an introductory talk by Bob Jessop and Ngai-Ling Sum about the strategic-relational approach that informs their approach to CPE, the nature and interaction of four selectivities (structural, agential, discursive and technological), and applications of the approach. This introduction is followed by PhD students and researchers taking part in group discussions on these CPE entry-points.

The afternoon session will enable PhD students and researchers to present research in progress with constructive feedback from the coordinators and other participants. 


Participants should contact before 31st July 2017 (Friday). We limit the number of participants to 40 (on a first come first serve basis). 


There will be a fee of £40.00 to cover room hire, tea/coffee and a hot lunch for all participants.

Reading Material:

Ngai-Ling Sum and Bob Jessop’s book on Towards A Cultural Political Economy 2013 (Cheltenham: Edward Elgar) will be available online.