Tuesday 28th June 2016

The symposium examined the changing nature of education and the ways in which this has impacted on diversity and participation in education both in the UK and internationally. As a whole the three keynote presentations examined school and higher education, formal and informal, as well as online and face-to-face, educational settings. This allowed a consideration of the relations between educational change, diversity and participation in a broad range of educational contexts.

Amanda Keddie (Deakin University) explored the ways in which the academies reform movement in England has presented particular opportunities and challenges for different schools/school types with a specific focus on matters of social justice. Ole Smørdal (University of Oslo) examined how students’ participation in digital and informal learning contexts can change their engagement with science education in school. Jeroen Huisman (Ghent University) examined the relations between the characteristics of higher education systems and the diversity of student participation. Nicola Ingram (Lancaster University) acted as a discussant at the end of the day.

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