Venue confirmed for CADAAD 2022

We are delighted to announce that CADAAD 2022 will take place, Covid permitting, at the University of Bergamo in Italy, organised jointly by the Universities of Bergamo and Birmingham. If international travel restrictions are still in place, the conference will follow a blended format. Provisional date: 6-8 July 2022.

CDA Autobiographies on video (2014)

Autobiographic portraits of five defining figures in CDA were presented at the CDA20+ Symposium (University of Amsterdam, 8-9 September 2014) and are publicly available on YouTube. Teun van Dijk, Gunther Kress, Ruth Wodak, Theo van Leeuwen and Norman Fairclough reflect on their personal motivation and inspiration to engage in the development of CDA. The first…

CADAAD Executive Committee elected

At the 2016 conference in Catania, a new Executive Committee was established.  The committee will be responsibly for ensuring the longevity and quality of CADAAD.  Ten members of this committee were elected via ballot at an open business meeting.  The list of members can be found here.