February 19, 2016

Teaching and Supervision

I have supervised sixteen students to successful completion:

  1. Winter, Emily (2017) Engaging millennials: strategies and experiences of Christian social action groups in the UK
  2. Kilis, Emils (2016) An Awkward Encounter: A Constructivist Study of Latvian Sociology
  3. Psarikidou, Katerina (2012), Re-imagining sustainable agro-food futures: alternative (bio)economies
  4. Leah, John (2011), The wellbeing benefits of contact with nature and green spaces
  5. Hsiao, Huei Chung (2011), The making of the politics of nature and indigeneity in two Atayal villages of Taiwan
  6. Roberts, Tom (2010), Tales of power: public and policy narratives on the climate and energy crisis
  7. Moeller, Nina (2010), The protection of traditional knowledge in the Ecuadorian Amazon: a critical ethnography
  8. Abreu, Alejandro Torres (2009), The political ecology of demand: managing water stress in Puerto Rico
  9. Curnow-Garland, Davey John (2007), The internet and disability in the Anti-depleted Uranium Movement (M.Phil)
  10. Hewson, Christopher David (2006), Technologies of citizenship: local media and public service
  11. Tutt, Dylan (2006), At home with media: a video ethnography of interactions with media in the living room
  12. Fan, Mei-Fang (2005), Nuclear waste management and environmental justice in Taiwan
  13. Morris, Breton Jake (2004), Participatory approaches to protected area management in Britain and Peru
  14. Horton, David Richard (2003), An ethnography of everyday life among environmental activists
  15. Cass, Noel Flay (2003), Local authority responses to climate change: a discursive and cultural analysis
  16. Tomalin, Emma Louise (2000), A comparative study of religious environmentalism in Britain and India

I have six current PhD students: Adam Khyas, Jonathan Beacham, Claude Yang, Christos Stavrou, Jeremy Holland, and Davor Mujezinovic.

I have been external examiner for seven non-Lancaster PhDs: Jeremy Baskin, University of Melbourne (2017), Jeffrey Kirby, University of Leeds (2014); Bambo Soyinka, Cardiff University (2010), Rachel Harkness, University of Aberdeen (2009); Foye Hatton, University of East Anglia (2008); Belinda Daly, Imperial College, University of London (2005) and Matthew Szabo, University of Manchester (2005); and internal examiner for four Lancaster Sociology PhDs: Maia Galarraga (2008); Kingsley Dennis (2007); Majid Yar (2000) and Ian Ball (1997).

I have had four ESRC CASE studentships, with:

  • Natural History Museum (2007-2012)
  • Natural England (2005-2009)
  • Teleconomy, Lancaster (2001-2004)
  • Immage TV Studios, Immingham (2000-2003)


Undergraduate teaching

2007 – 2010 and 2016 – present        SOCL360 and MCS.360 Independent Dissertation Project

I convene this final-year dissertation module with about 50 students, delivering lectures on the research process, co-ordinating a team of academic supervisors, and personally supervising up to 8 students every year.

2016 – present      SOCL221 Climate Change and Society

I co-convene and co-teach this 15-credit, one-term second year undergraduate module with around 20 students.

2016 – 2017            SOCL200 Understanding Social Thought

I devised and delivered a term of 10 two-hour lectures plus seminars on classical sociological thinkers for this compulsory second year course with around 50 students.

2006 – 2014            SOCL101 Introduction to Sociology

This involved co-devising and co-teaching a block of 10 lectures on ‘Society and Nature’ in 2006-11 to c.300 students, and then in response to student feedback devising and teaching my own block on ‘Community’ in 2011-14.

Postgraduate teaching

2006-12                   SOCL521 Environment and Culture

Designed, convened and delivered 10-week, 20-credit MA module. In 2010 completely redesigned the curriculum in response to feedback to make it more contemporary and engaging, with more interactive classroom elements.

2010-13                   FASS507 Introduction to the Philosophy of the Social Sciences

Convened and delivered 10-week, 20-credit module, with guest lectures and c.30 students on proximate and distance-learning (DL) versions. In 2012 worked with a postdoc to devise new interactive content and format for the DL version.

2007 – 2009            SOCL930 Policy, Publics and Expertise

Co-designed and co-delivered brand new 10-week, 20-credit module, designed to teach a critical approach to the use of science and other forms of expertise in policymaking to both social and natural scientists, with c.10 students.


External teaching and examining

  • Plenary lecture at New Natures, Entangled Cultures: Perspectives in Environmental Humanities, 6th winter school of the Estonian Graduate School of Culture Studies and Arts (GSCSA), Tallinn University, Estonia, 23-27 January 2017. See footage of this here.
  • Session as guest lecturer on Environmental Studies Certificate Program, Rachel Carson Centre, Ludwig-Maximilian University of Munich, 27 April.
  • ‘Instructor’ for the Anthropocene Campus II Technosphere Edition, Haus der Kulturen der Welt, Berlin, 17-22 April 2016. Involved co-designing and co-teaching a one-and-a-half-day seminar ‘Knowing (in) the Anthropocene’, with 30 participants. See footage of this here.
  • Guest lecturer at the New Art Institute, Technical University of Braunschweig 21 November 2014.
  • One of 26 ‘Instructors’ for the Anthropocene Campus, Haus der Kulturen der Welt, Berlin, 14-22 November 2014. Involved co-designing and co-teaching two one-and-a-half-day seminars, ‘Imaging the Anthropocene’ and ‘Disciplinarities’, with 30 participants each. See footage of this here.
  • External Examiner for the Combined Honours in the Social Sciences, University of Durham, 2004-2007.
  • Invited lecturer on five PhD ‘Summer schools’ – two at Aalborg University, Denmark, two at Tampere University, Finland, one at Smögen, Sweden.
  • Assessor for ESRC Board of Examiners for Open Competition studentships, 2009.