June 2, 2016

Annual statistics of rainfall, streamflow and acidity from Llyn Brianne sites now available through Environmental Information Data Centre

Derived annual statistics of rainfall, streamflow and acidity for 1982-2012 from our SMART watershed sites at Llyn Brianne (Nant Trawsnant and Nant Esgair Garn) have been published by the NERC Environmental Information Data Centre (EIDC). These were derived using our SMART modelling techniques.

The datasets consist of derived annual statistics for measures of rainfall, streamflow, temperature and stream acidity (pH) for each stream (one an upland conifer plantation site, one a grassland site), which both drain into the Llyn Brianne reservoir, Powys, United Kingdom. The data are for a 31 year period covering 1st April 1982 to 1st April 2012. The streamflow and acidity data are derived from 15 minute resolution observations throughout the calendar year 2013 from our stream gauging and water quality stations. Routines within the Lancaster Unversity’s Computer-Aided Program for Time-series Analysis and Identification of Noisy Systems (CAPTAIN) Toolbox for Matlab were used to develop a dynamic model of these data. These models were then used to simulate the 31-year record for which monthly statistics were derived. The work was part of the Diversity in Upland Rivers for Ecosystem Service Sustainability (DURESS) project.


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