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On Friday 03rd and Saturday 04th July 2020, our department (Linguistics & English Language at Lancaster University) is running a free one-day workshop for teachers of KS3, GCSE, A level/IB, and equivalent. (Only come to one, since it will be the same content on both days!) We’re aiming this primarily at teachers of English Language and/or Linguistics, but teachers of Literature and Creative Writing are also thoroughly welcome. We’re even happy to have teachers from disciplines like Psychology and Sociology, though naturally you might find less of the day relevant to your field. It is our intention to provide coffee and lunches for everyone who registers to attend (note that you must sign up so that we can cater accurately!) and to even send you away with a certificate at the end.

How much does this cost?

It’s free!

Workshop theme

In brief, this first workshop will focus on authorship and style. (You can see the proposed schedule for the day here.) Across the three different sessions, we will undertake authorship analysis – that is, we will explore different ways of investigating unique individual linguistic style – in criminal data (forensic linguistics), in fictional texts using close, qualitative analysis (stylistics), and in Shakespeare’s plays using quantitative methods (corpus linguistics).

Our aim in this workshop isn’t to teach you how to teach. After all, that’s already your expertise. Instead we’re aiming to give you some new tools and lenses for your analytical toolbox, and a chance to have a little fun exploring texts in different ways.


If you would like to sign up already, just fill in this registration form and let us know whether you’d prefer to attend on Friday 03rd or Saturday 04th. If you have questions or comments, ping us an email at linguistics@lancaster.ac.uk. Meanwhile, you’re welcome to look at the intended schedule, and to follow us on Twitter.

Have a preference? Tell us!

We are always looking to improve, so if you have a spare minute or two, please fill in this questionnaire. That way we can tailor future workshops too to suit as many people as possible. We want STELLAR to be, well, stellar, so your input is vital.