STARS Autumn 2021 conference


STARS CDT is now coming to an end and looks to the future with STARS Legacy, made possible by further support from UKRI. As our 4th and final STARS conference we would like you to join us in thinking about soil science research with a wider perspective. As well as our usual ground-breaking soil research talks, we will be creating a platform for all our conference delegates to discuss, workshop and formalise how our research can best address global key challenges. Engaging with questions such as: How can soil science best address the issues it is posed to address? How can soil science research contribute practically to policy, practice, and regulation and what have been and continue to be the barriers to progress in this area? What do other disciplines offer the progressive soil scientist and what work practices are required to aid positive knowledge exchange and development?

Due to current health concerns in the UK, we will be formally hosting the conference virtually. However, we have allocated ad-hoc physical sessions. During these sessions we encourage delegates from a locale to arrange a drink together, a talk and walk meeting or perhaps a soil related tour which offers a good example of ‘Soils in Context’, where soil science research can be witnessed and discussed in a broader context. The registration form provides an option to record your interest in this.


Researchers in soil science (especially ECR), those working in soil focused policy, researchers from other disciplines that work with soils, land management representatives, stake-holders with major investments in soil eg: distributers, agronomists, local and national political representatives, decision makers.

If you are unsure if this event will be useful for you, please just drop us a line and ask.


Follow this link to register, by 20th August at the  latest. Due to the design of the conference, which includes delegate engagement and the receipt of a conference pack we do expect registration to be a commitment to engage in at least the majority of the event. If this becomes difficult following registration please get in touch with us, a two week notice period would be greatly appreciated.