Our mission is to create a novel and unique national training experience for the next generation of soil scientists.

Funded by NERC and BBSRC, the STARS Centre for Doctoral Training (CDT) is an exciting consortium of 8 organizations, comprising 4 universities and 4 research institutes from around England, Scotland and Wales who are collaborating to offer training to PhD students in soil science.

Each year 11 students will be recruited to the STARS CDT and have the added benefit of cohort training in the STARS College, both face-to-face and online. They will have access to internationally renowned soil scientists and research facilities as well as benefiting from the support of fellow students from across the country.

Our research focus is around four integrated thematic topics

The STARS College is funded by NERC and BBSRC and also has additional funding from the collaborating institutions. We can offer:

  • an exciting soils research journey: stimulating, structured and monitored
  • cohort learning via the “STARS academy” and online learning
  • use of on-line fora to share experiences and host meetings
  • exposure to key soil ‘platforms’ and multidisciplinary research
  • exciting programme of CASE studentships and national/international placements
  • shared data repository and a legacy of online training material