5 February, 2020

Life Beyond the STARS: Highlights from the Annual Conference

Last month, the second STARS CDT Annual Conference was held at the Low Wood Hotel, on the banks of Lake Windermere. This year, the theme was: ‘Life Beyond the STARS: Soil Science in Policy, Industry, and the Media’. The conference took place in a time of change: change in policy and industry as we increase our understanding of the natural world; a change in the way media is delivered to us, and how science is portrayed in a digital age; and all of this change comes in a time of a dramatically shifting climate. This conference showcased and explored the broad range and depth of research conducted within institutes across the UK, under the UK NERC and BBSRC funded STARS umbrella. But, more than this, the conference discussed and examined the role of science beyond academia, in how it informs policy, generates strides in industry, and its portrayal and impact in the media.

Here are ten highlights from this year’s conference:

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