Monthly Archives: June 2020

The 2019 research Experience Placement

Mapping Vegetation Change on Limestone Pavements Based: Lancaster University Project objectives:  Limestone pavements occur in several upland regions of Britain principally located upon Carboniferous and Cambrian limestones. The species rich vegetation of limestone pavements is unusual, combining floristic elements of woodland (in the shaded humid grikes), rocky habitats and calcareous grasslands. There are several rare […]

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Examining charcoal impacts on soil properties at Liège

Mihai Cimpoiasu reports on his 3-month placement at the University of Liège in Belgium where his expertise in imaging technology and geoelectrical methods was put to good use in quantifying the impact on soil structure, of long-term accumulation of charcoal.  While much work has been done on the short-term effects of charcoal on soil, there […]

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