8 March, 2019

Special Issue in European Journal of Soil Science

A European Journal of Soil Science, STARS special issue, is being planed. Having formally launched the proposal at the STARS conference in January, editors Phil Haygarth, Guy Kirk and Davey Jones are currently compiling a list of provisional paper titles. Although time is short, it is not too late to submit suggestions. Volunteer papers comprised of teams of students and supervisors are encouraged around the theme ‘Innovations in Soil Science to address Global Grand Challenges’ and the STARS sub themes;

  1. Understanding the soil–root interface
  2. Soils and the delivery of ecosystem services
  3. Resilience and response of functions in soil systems
  4. Modelling the soil ecosystem at different spatial and temporal scales

There is further information on the STARS Special Issue webpage.

If you wish to submit a proposed title, please send details to