15 May, 2018

STARS student accepted on AMR training programme

Congratulations to Alex Williams, in the second year of his PhD with STARS, who has been accepted on to the National PhD Training Programme in Antimicrobial Resistance (AMR) Research. Alex, whose project is looking at antibiotic resistance on the farm, evaluating risks to soils, crops and human health, will join a multidisciplinary group of PhD students from across the country, researching AMR or AMR-related projects. The Medical Research Foundation has invested £2.85m in the Programme to challenge new researchers to explore ways to tackle AMR, a serious threat to human health. One of the project’s main aims is to encourage cross-disciplinary collaborations and networks throughout the field of AMR research.

This is a great opportunity for Alex to work alongside researchers from fields as diverse as social Sciences, Law, clinical sciences and physical sciences, all looking ahead to tackling this serious issue.