20 April, 2018

STARS at the EGU

As part of the STARS training programme, cohort 1 attended the European Geoscience Union (EGU) assembly this April, accompanied by STARS director, Phil Haygarth. As well being able to appreciate the breadth of science presentations at the week-long event, STARS students were more deeply involved, co-convening a session in the Soil Systems Science division of the conference. The hard work, which Jasmine Burr-Hersey, Hannah Cooper, and Fiona Seaton put in, paid off with a very successful session: Impact of agriculture on soil functions – processes and indicators. Several STARS students, not only those in cohort 1, also took active roles at the event, either by way of oral or poster presentations.

The event went very well and was a great experience for the STARS students. A short article about the event can be found in the June edition of the British Society of Soil Science’s “The Auger”.