10 July, 2018

See the wonderful world of plant roots

Exciting developments for 3rd year STARS student Jasmine Burr-Hersey, who has been involved in an outreach project in conjunction with the Hounsfield 3D X-Ray Computed Tomography facility at the University of Nottingham. Last week saw the launch of a new website which showcases the wonderful world of plant roots. Both images and videos of undisturbed root systems of a variety fruits, vegetables and crops can be accessed.

This project was funded by the BBSRC and supported by Thompson and Morgan, Herbiseed and Kings Crops. Work was conducted at the Hounsfield Facility which is supported by ERC, BBSRC and The Wolfson Foundation. The website can be found at: and updates of new root systems are posted directly on twitter: @UoNHiddenHalf and Youtube: UoN Hidden Half.