Colouring Fascinating Plants

Get your crayons, pencils and pens ready!

Colour our extraterrestrial plants, our beautiful garden with a glasshouse, or 1000 leaves.

We think plants are out of this world! If you do too, why not try colouring in our extraterrestrial plant friends Astro Arabidopsis, Cosmic Cowpea & Wayfaring Wheat.

Click in the name or in the image to open and download.

Astro Arabidopsis. Arabidopsis is always discovering new scientific frontiers. In fact, Arabidopsis was the first plant to flower and make seeds in space!

Black and white drawing of a plant with astronaut helmet.

Wayfaring Wheat. Like arabidopsis, wheat has been to space! Click here to watch a short video of wheat & arabidopsis growing in the international space station.

Black and white drawing of a wheat plant with space helmet.

Cosmic Cowpea. Cowpea hasn’t been to space… yet… But because it grows tasty leaves very quickly, NASA has considered growing cowpea in space to feed astronauts. Fingers crossed cowpea!

Black and white drawing of a cowpea plant with space helmet.

Visit and colour our beautiful garden and glasshouse.




Leaves, leaves, leaves!! They come in all shapes and colours and are different from plant to plant, and can change within a plant as it ages, adapt to the environment or defends itself animals that eat them. You can find more about leaf shapes here.