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I am an interdisciplinary researcher applying a variety of lenses to the understanding of the role of responsible science, technology, and engineering innovation in decision-making, particularly on the application of knowledge systems and sustainability governance. Relevant themes in my work include plausibility, desirability, uncertainty, sustainability transformations, and responsible anticipatory science and technology governance. I hold an MSc in Anthropology, Environment and Development (UCL) and a PhD in Science, Technology, Engineering and Public Policy (UCL).

My role on the team

I am a Research Associate of PARIS-DE, focusing my efforts on unpacking assumptions on how digital technologies and climate change interact. My role includes researching and understanding the complex interactions between digital technologies and sustainability and supporting the development of actionable, responsible research and innovation frameworks that can inform digital technology and sustainability policy based on evidence and value-sensitive design. I aim to contribute across the project’s different components through research and policy engagement.

Why I wanted to join the team

I am interested in understanding and balancing perspectives and co-create viable pathways to advance responsible innovation and climate action. The rapid development of the digital age poses benefits as well as risks to future sustainability. There are many challenges associated with the unprecedented energy costs of computing and its carbon footprint. These apply to cloud computing, data centres, the training of algorithms, natural language processing models, and blockchain technologies. Deep uncertainties abound around how to best decouple the digital economy from environmental impacts due to the rising computational energy (and material) costs and the evident lack of policy action. The PARIS-DE Project offers a unique opportunity to explore these challenges and develop responsible action at the intersection of digital technologies and sustainability.