My experience at LUMS

Aleksandra, 3rd Year MORSE student currently on a placement year.

My first day in Lancaster was also my first day in the United Kingdom. I came to Lancaster University straight after finishing High school in Latvia where I have been studying for 12 years. It was a big challenge for me to come alone to a foreign country and start my independent life. However, my choice of university assured me that I will have an amazing experience.

A MORSE degree was something that caught my eye straight away. As a person enjoying Mathematics it was a great chance to apply it to business-related fields and make it more practical. Moreover, I did not know what area specifically from business I wanted to study; maybe finance or management or entrepreneurship. That’s why MORSE was a great chance to get a strong base and not limit my future choices.

I chose Lancaster because of the strong student community in a respectively small city. It was really important for me to feel safe and be surrounded by other international students with whom I can become friends. And all my requirements are fulfilled here at Lancaster University. I really love the spirit of students and studying everywhere. You do not get lost in the stream of a big city and can fully focus on your goals and enjoy the process.

If I had a chance to reverse back time I would not make any choices different. Academic challenges are motivating me, the ability to choose my modules in the final year shapes my career plans, LUMS opportunities, such as placement offers, career fairs, workshops etc, complement my CV. And from another side, I am enjoying my social life through college, societies, and university events.

I hope you all will enjoy your student years as well. I sincerely advise you to take all opportunities which university life can offer you besides the academic side, as these small things make you outstanding and maybe will influence your choices.