A week in the life of a LUMS student – Guest Blog – Despina Doulkaridou

Time seems to fly when I think of my time in Lancaster University; this is my fifth month here and it feels as if it has only been a few days, as the weekly routine of a master’s student can be quite hectic and at the same time enjoyable, so days go by rather quickly.

A typical weekday in the life of a LUMS student starts with a quick breakfast and heading off to the first lecture. During the first weeks, we were all more willing to wake up on time to have a proper breakfast and prepare our coffee. As the term went on, there were days when we rushed to grab a coffee and make it to the lecture on time. This is normal when deadlines start to kick in and part of the fun as well!

After finishing lectures, it is time for studying. Either for group work or individual assignments, the library is the place to be. It felt like home since day one, and I am quite sure I spend more time in the library than in my room, as the variety of study spaces and facilities provide you with whatever you may need as a student. At the same time, the cosy environment motivates you to focus on your goal. Especially for postgraduates, the library is part of our survival kit.

When Friday comes, we are all looking forward to participating in the societies’ events or catching up with friends either on campus or in the city. Provided that the weather is good, a morning walk at Williamson Park is always a good idea. Later on, it is time for a movie night or a pub crawl. The city might be small, but its size is ideal for exemplary student life.

My favourite thing about Lancaster University is its vibrant campus; you get to know it in no time and during the sunny days, it is the best way to unwind by taking a walk in the green surroundings or exercise outdoors, as an alternative to the gym. There are also many cafés and bars around the campus. As a master’s student, my favourite spot is the Herdwick, also known as ‘the Grad bar’. It is our top choice when it comes to hanging out during the weekend and a cosy meeting point for all the postgraduate students.

Of course, choosing a master’s programme constitutes a stressful decision for everyone; however, Lancaster University seemed the optimal choice both in terms of my desired domain of specialization and its location, as I could not imagine myself living in a busy city where I would spend half of my day in commuting. The more the weeks go by, the more I do not want this year to finish, despite the pressure of studying. I already feel that I will miss my time at Lancaster University. Had I the chance to go back in time, I would definitely make the same choice.