MBA Blog – The Strategy Module – Guest Blog Dominic Roberts

Our class have just finished and submitted our final report for The MBA Strategy module. The Strategy module has been ranked number 1 in the world and we had high expectations –suffice to say it did not let us down. It was an intense and insightful week, led by Professors Martin Friesl, David Pettifer and Gerry Johnson.

The design of the module is highly action orientated, experiential and practical. Paired into 10 teams and each assigned different companies to analyse, in sectors such as retail, automotive, entertainment and e-commerce we needed to work over the week to develop strategies to present to the board. All of the companies were well known but faced challenges that only became apparent after investigating them. The unique part of the Lancaster module is that, unlike strategy in most business schools that rely on case studies which normally frame the issues to focus on, here we had no guide.

Every day we were presented one topic such as Industry analysis and relevant frameworks which we might be able to use and then had to present on this the next day.  We built on this culminating in our final presentation on Monday with strategic recommendations and a final submission of a report.

It allowed us the opportunity to experience the challenges faced by strategy consultants, dealing with a wealth of information and being unsure of which direction to go. All the groups spent long days and nights working to come to a recommendation, and it was very interesting to see some very creative solutions presented by the groups.

Overall, it was a great learning experience and one that all of us will be able to take away and use in the future whether we work in management consultancy or in industry.