High Potential Scholarship on MSc Management

MSc Management launched the High Potential Scholarship scheme in 2018 to recognise those students who really stand out. As a part of the application process, students have to submit their CV to be reviewed by the programme director and the careers team.

There have been some real gems of applicants who have demonstrated commitment to their community, additional summer work experience, interest in volunteering, they simply stood out as young leaders with potential.

High Potential Scholarships do not award academic excellence. This specific scholarship awards individuals who have gone beyond being great students. The application process is also unique,  inspired by a process implemented by large companies when they are seeking new talent. Our applicants have to complete a pre-set online video that is then scored by the programme director and the careers team. This is excellent practice and also an opportunity for the applicants to express themselves in a more creative way.

Every year, the programme awards around 20 High Potential Scholarships, and this group of scholars creates a unique leadership team, supporting the programme improvement and innovation as well as leading their own projects that make the programme stand out from the crowd. They inspire the whole cohort and take them along. They constructively challenge the programme team and influence our thinking about the future of the programme.

Our High Potential Scholar team from 2019/20 have just completed their legacy mission with this inspirational message to the current cohort. Notice how they start their video Tips and Tricks for online learning – Hey, it is us, your predecessors!

The message is very different from the playful A day in life that we had received from our High Potential Scholars of 2018/19. They had a different year without the global pandemic implications and they came back to us online during the pandemic to support us to get us through by sharing their experiences and insights.

Christian Gill who has been leading the team shared the cohort sentiment with us: “For some of us, studying in the UK would have been a financial challenge, even perhaps a factor not to study a Master’s Degree in the UK at all, if there hadn’t been the possibility to apply for the High Potential Scholarship. This enabled many of us to join a UK University with a splendid reputation, not worrying too much about getting a job on the weekend or going in debt to pay for the tuition fees. This scholarship has had a large impact on us and we wanted to make sure that you know how incredibly much we value this and how thankful we are.”

Let’s finish with a quote from ‘a Letter from the past’ that the High Potentials of 2018 had sent to us:

During the past year, there were some things we learned in theory, some that we learned from our classmates and others that we learned ourselves… usually in the wee hours of a library night.  Either way, we all started as ‘management’ noobs who fast forward a year, wrote their own piece of management/ business related research. And although, that path right now might seem unclear and scary – you will get there too!  

So are you reading this with pride because you are one of them? Or maybe you want to be one of them. We are looking forward to your application!

Apply and find out more about our High Potential Scholarships, here: https://www.lancaster.ac.uk/lums/postgraduate/msc-management/high-potential-scholarship/

Dr Radka Newton is a Senior Teaching Fellow in the Department of Entrepreneurship & Strategy, and Director of the MSc Management programme.