MSc Management: new cohort, new business engagement

This year, the MSc Management welcomed 89 students from a variety of cultural and also academic backgrounds. This truly special melting pot of ambitious students from all over the world started their studies in an unusual way: playing human Bingo, reading Wordsworth poems in the middle of the beautiful Lake District, and sharing photos of their home cities and regions. The importance of self-awareness and reflection is an inseparable part of professional development, which has become a strong component of the programme.

This academic year has seen many improvements that were proposed by our previous cohorts. The most significant change has been a more intense business engagement that contributes to the students’ understanding of the real world of management.

The most exciting example includes cooperation with a prominent leader in residence, Jo Telfer, who is a change agent in Sellafield Ltd and who has been sharing her experience as a manager and leader with our students, as well as inputting into the programme design.

Another new project, led by MSc Management 2018 alumna, Marie Thenon, involves a visit to the Lancaster Brewery as an integrated part of the operations management module. The third initiative worth mentioning is a partnership with local SMEs enrolled in the Lancashire Forum programme, who will be working with our students on their business challenges in the summer term.

The current programme director, Dr Radka Newton, has been exploring an innovative approach to programme review through co-design and co-creation of the experience with the students on the programme. Dr Newton pointed out that: “providing excellent student experience has been paramount for all of us in LUMS and if you want to know what that really means and feels like, you have to ask the students who are in the centre of our programme delivery and who have been helping us define good. Business engagement is definitely something that students value and our alumni strongly contribute towards.”

The programme has been reaccredited by AMBA in 2019 with full confidence and it continues to deliver high alumni salaries, acknowledged by the FT rankings.

Pictured: some of the new cohort during their industry visit to Lancaster Brewery, part of the MNGT605 Operations Management module.