About my degree: MSc Strategy – Lia Elliot

After finishing my undergraduate degree at Lancaster, my mind and heart were set on continuing for one more year. My undergraduate degree was in the Social Sciences field, and so I had no experience of LUMS, but after talking to friends who were members of LUMS and meeting with members of staff, I knew that joining LUMS would be the right choice for me. As for why I picked MSc Strategy – firstly, the modules the course contained covered topics that I find very interesting, and the course seemed to be very applicable to real life. As opposed to pure theory it seemed to centre around real-world experience and learning how to apply our knowledge to situations that we are bound to encounter at some point in the professional world. This focus on experience and application really appealed to me, as someone with small amounts of field-specific experience it feels like I’m getting two for the price of one with this course – study and experience.

My first impressions of MSc Strategy have been nothing but positive – the lecturers and convenors are genuinely passionate about the course, and about us as students and this has such a positive effect on how we learn and engage during the course. The course is very focused on student-centred learning and group work; this provides me with a type of learning I have never encountered before and I believe it will be very beneficial to me in the future. The practicality of the student-centred approach is brilliant – rather than get a broad surface knowledge of what we are studying, we have to properly understand it in order to apply it to the projects we are taking part in and I believe this leads to a more secure knowledge in the long-term, something that will benefit us when we move off into the workplace.

As a whole, the experience I have had during my first few weeks as a post-graduate LUMS student has been fantastic. All the members of staff I have engaged with are very willing to help with any issues we may have, and in general are very keen to get to know us as individuals – this has been fundamental in how easy I have found it to merge into life as a LUMS postgrad. One of the best aspects of the course for me so far has been meeting so many people from different countries and cultures and forging new friendships with them that I believe will last for a long time. The integration of us all into a fairly small and intimate course has meant that we have really gotten to know each other well, and the variation between us all makes group work very interesting, as we all have different perspectives and experiences and learn from one another – again this is something I believe will be invaluable to us all in the future.