MBA Movers and Shakers – September 2019

Our full-time and executive MBA graduates go on to forge successful careers in organisations of all sizes across the world. Congratulations to some of our latest “movers and shakers” on their recent achievements:

  • Sergio Goncalves Andreoli (2019) has secured a position with start–up company Rio Motorsports LLC as CFO, based in Rio De Janeiro, Brazil
  • Chris Mandella (2019) is now working with Spencer Ogden as Manager for the Contracts Division, based in New York, USA.
  • Aman Rai (2019) is now working for InterSystems as an Application Specialist, based in Dubai, UAE.
  • Sarah O’Rourke (EMBA 2018) is now working with Hilti Group as Global Process Manager, based in Manchester, UK.
  • Mari Ito (2018) is now working with L’Oréal as Sourcing Lead, based in Tokyo, Japan.
  • Julien Donadio (2017) is now a Market Risk Analyst working with Nordea, based in Warsaw, Poland.
  • Catherine Isaza (2016) is now Senior Relationship Manager with Bancolombia, based in Bogota, Colombia.
  • Prashant Chamarty (2010) is now working with SAS as Customer Advisory, based in London, UK.
  • Gavin Price (EMBA 2009) is now Operations Manager with Jurassic Fibre Ltd, based in Exeter, UK.
  • Rajnish Garje (2007) is now Director of Project Sales for Asia Pacific at Trina Solar, based in Hyderbad, India.
  • Irakli Phitskhelauri (2006) is now Senior Engagement Manager with Amazon Web Services based in London, UK.
  • Linda Flower (2006) is now Senior Manager for Product and Marketing Systems working with Rogers Communications, based in Toronto, Canada.
  • Vikram Mehta (Exchange 2005) is now Senior Consultant for Process Automation with National Australia Bank, based in Melbourne, Australia.
  • Tim Meachin (2005) is now Enterprise Account Executive with Trustwave, based in Manchester, UK.