Guest Blog: Anjani Sarin – Career Support at Lancaster University

All my friends and acquaintances who wish to study abroad, keep asking me about the job prospects in the UK. I tell them that getting in the job in the UK is as challenging, as it would be in any part of the world. The job markets in the world are becoming more challenging day-by-day and I understand this but, I am no quitter and made the decision to try my best to get some experience from the UK. With this spirit, I decided not to leave any stone unturned. I contacted the employers who had rejected me due to the Visa issue and asked them if I could sponsor myself, I studied about the Visa requirements, applied only to the employers who had the license, but nothing worked. At this point in time, I was on the verge of exhausting my loan and had no job offers. I turned to the careers department of the university and asked them to help me out. They recommended me to apply for part-time jobs. To be honest, I hadn’t given internship and other part-time roles much thought, but an opportunity appeared, and I grabbed it.

I now work for an organisation which was established by an Alumni of the University, what’s more, is that I help them with social media marketing and research (my dream role) and it’s in the food sector (absolutely loving it!!). Another question that I frequently get is about the career support from the University. Well, my tale is one of the many support stories. I have graduated but I still get support even to find part-time job. So, the support is never-ending. You just need to ask the right people.

Another story could be my boss’s, Supawadee Pongwisaitat (Jing). She loved cooking as a hobby and after pursuing her master’s at Lancaster University in Entrepreneurship, Innovation and Practice, she felt empowered to pitch her idea of establishing a Thai street food business (TwoThai– follow her story on the Lancaster University Enterprise centre page) to the Enterprise Team at the University. The rest is a history. She is the owner of two companies in the UK and has a separate brand of condiments and sauces. I work for the sauce brand Styles of Siam through which she aims to bring the flavours of the Kingdom of Siam (South East Asia) to the UK. She is working here on Tier 1- Entrepreneur Visa and recently won the Duke of York Young Entrepreneur Award with the support of the Enterprise Team. She describes her journey as a rollercoaster ride and the support of the Enterprise Team and LUSU (Lancaster University Student Union) as the safety net which she knew would guide and protect her through everything.

The support from the University is innumerable. I still meet my career counsellor for support with job applications. I am hopeful that things will work out just the way they did with the part-time job. In the meantime, I am just enjoying every bit of my work as it gives me the opportunity to be creative with social media and analytical with the research bit. So, all you people out there, the support at Lancaster University never ends but you do have to be willing to try your level best as well.