How LUMS changed my life – Guest Blog by Gor Stepanyan

I started my journey in the world of business in 2010 when I joined MSc Management program at Lancaster University Management School (LUMS). The education process at LUMS was a great combination of theory and practice during which we focused a lot on real world business cases. Moreover, as a part of my education at LUMS, I participated in an international MBA exchange program and spent one term at St. Gallen University in Switzerland where we focused on strategic management, leadership and entrepreneurship.

  • Top 5 takeaways for me from the business education at LUMS and St. Gallen are the following:
  • In the business world, we need to take risk!
  • The difference between great ideas and great change is execution!
  • Focus on what is important but not urgent!
  • Business is a team sport!
  • Your teams can make or break you!

After graduation from LUMS, I moved to Russia and joined KPMG in Moscow as a 1st year consultant. In 2013 after 4 months of recruitment process, I joined UFLP program at Unilever Russia as a management trainee. During 2 years as a trainee, I worked in sales operations, marketing and sales departments. I was the first management trainee from sales department at Unilever Russia who was nominated for an international rotation and I spent 8 months at Unilever Turkey in Istanbul as a junior manager at sales operations department.

In 2016 I returned to Unilever Russia and was promoted to the position of Route to Market manager and was responsible for short term and long term strategy of sales department in Ice cream category. At that time I was managing a team of 9 people located all over Russia.

After spending 5 years at Unilever, in March 2018 I received an offer from Confectionary factory Torero and joined the company as a Commercial Director. Currently I am a board member of the company and I am responsible for Sales, Marketing and Logistics departments and I am managing a team of 47 people.

The knowledge, which I gained during my education at LUMS and St. Gallen till today helps me to manage the business both on daily basis and from strategic point of view.