Covid-19: Coping Strategies – JoJo Ramsden

In this time of the COVID-19 coronavirus crisis, Lancaster MBA alumna JoJo Ramsden (2001) shares her advice and coping strategies, which have developed in part from lessons learned through the MBA programme.

We have all watched the Covid-19 situation quickly unfold, and impact upon every single aspect of our lives in an alarming manner. With the obvious reasons for current high levels of stress aside – concerns about finances, family and friends – this is a time for us to do our best to reduce those stress levels however we can.

Now is the time to pull together as a community, society, country, and worldwide, to ensure that we can psychologically and physically deal with this unprecedented crisis in the most positive way possible.

My MBA at the quadruple-accredited Lancaster University Management School allowed me to specialise in international marketing, entrepreneurship, and business growth strategies. One of our key topics studied was ‘dealing with uncertainty’, a theme which particularly resonates with all of this at this particular moment in time. Many of us are more versatile, adaptable, and resilient than we think, and now is the time for us to prove it to ourselves and others.

From a health perspective, we all know what we need to do, generally speaking, and in particular, in light of current circumstances, what we should be doing right now.

From a business perspective, companies and individuals with coping strategies to weather the storm, and more proactive in their approach to having a system adapted to change in place which anchors them, are more likely both to survive and thrive.

So, how can we stay strong during these challenging times? All of the following coping strategies include pearls of wisdom I learned during my MBA and in life generally, and have helped me get through all the most difficult times I have had to face myself. I would therefore like to share them with you here:

  1. Stay positive – maintain a positive mental attitude with a daily positive affirmation.
  2. Determine a daily routine – set out your timetable for the day to give you a purpose.
  3. Balance eating well, sleeping enough, exercising, and work – factor into your routine.
  4. Divide up household responsibilities to take the pressure off, and free up work time.
  5. Establish times when you need to focus on your own work, and block out in diary.
  6. Stay disciplined – combine work and homeschooling hours into your timetable.
  7. Engage children so they also take responsibility for their online and offline learning.
  8. Focus on enjoying each other’s company, and be grateful for time shared together.
  9. Do one thing each day which gives you real joy – take up one of your hobbies again.
  10. Finally, don’t overdo things and get tired – if you need a break, then have a rest.

Start today by writing down your own coping strategies to give you a sense of purpose, support, and structure, in order to reduce your stress levels.

JoJo Ramsden has 25+ years of experience as a professionally accredited translator, business growth strategies consultant, and language trainer, having advised numerous prestigious SMEs to FTSEs about international business growth and change management.

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